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Special Economic Zone

A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical region that has economic laws that are more liberal than a country's typical economic laws. Taxguruonline for assisting the clients at the various stages of the SEZ project. We also provide consultancy services on SEZ Clearances, Local Procurement, Import of goods, Documentation, Job Work, Returns, Help desk, etc. Services are offered to everyone ranging from the developers to the companies intended to open units in SEZs. Please get in touch with us and discuss your issues before any kind of investment.
The services offered are :

• Advise / Assistance in DTA procurement documentation.
• Assistance in Import procurement documentation.
• Assistance in maintenance of Registers and Records.
• Assistance in preparation and submission of Monthly/Quarterly/Half yearly/Annual Returns.
• Assistance in Half Yearly Consumption Records.
• Assistance in obtaining Job work permissions and other removals.
• Advise on the procedure to be followed for Import & Local procurement of goods into SEZ.
• Handling customs department at SEZ.
• Submission of monthly/ half yearly returns on time to the Development Commissioner.
• Maintaining of various records i.e. Goods Received Note, Material Requisition Slip, Material issue Slip.
• Consumption records.
• Handling material to be sent on job work. Maintain all the registers for the Job work activity.
• Issue of form I for availing CST Exemption.
• Issue of Re-warehousing Certificates.
• Interacting with Customs and Development Commissioner.
• Provide Help desk at the SEZ site on behalf of Developer/Unit to handle day-to-day activity.

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