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100% EOU

Taxguruonline also guide people on setting up of Export Oriented Units (EOU). The consultancy services in this domain include:

• Advisory, compliance and litigation support services on EOU STPI/EHTP.
• Registration of Units under Export Oriented Unit Scheme.
• Preparation of Application for setting up of EOU under STPI/EHTP.
• Assistance in obtaining LOI from Development Commissioner.
• Assistance in obtaining LOP from the Director of STPI.
• Assistance in obtaining In bond manufacturing Licence under Sec 65 of the Customs Act, 1962.
• Assistance in obtaining warehousing licence under section 58 of the Customs Act, 1962.
• Bonding of the Premises by the Customs department.
• Execution of B/17 bond with Customs department.
• Handling all customs related matter with respect to import and export of the goods by the EOU.
• Preparation and Submission of monthly/quarterly/yearly returns to the concerned department.
• Inter unit Transfer of Custom Bonded goods from one unit to other.
• Guidance in preparing the SOFTEX from and submission of the same to the concerned department.
• DTA Sales permission from STPI & Customs department.
• Assistance in Obtaining CT3 Certificate.
• Reimbursement of GST from the concerned department.
• De-bonding the goods by the customs authorities.
• De-bonding the premises by the customs authorities.
• Shifting permission from STPI/Development Commissioner.
• Preparing necessary documents for closure of the EOU/STPI/EHTP Unit.
• Maintain all sorts of Statutory Registers as per STPI & SEZ and GST Act / Rules.
• Periodical internal audit of records, documents and returns maintained/ filed for GST.
• Drafting and filing of reply to demand cum show cause notice issued by the GST department.
• Drafting and filing of appeals before the Appellate Authority/ Quasi-judicial authorities and Custom, Central Excise and Service tax Appellate Tribunal at any Bench of the Country.
• Appearance for the personal hearings before the Original, Appellate Authorities / Tribunals.
• Drafting / filing of petitions/appeals before the High Courts and Supreme Courts in the matters of EOU/STPI/EHTP Unit.
• Oral and written opinion on the legal issues related to EOU/STPI/EHTP Unit.

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